London under a tenner: Black Rainbows, Theo Verney, Kagoule, Puppy, Huskies, Glacier Pacific, KYKO, Thunder on the Left, Nightlife, Deux Furieuses, Oslo Parks, Table Scraps, The Beach, Total Babes, Hunck, Katy B, Of Empires, Sahara, Pile, Vanbot, Mirror Signal, Speelburg, Liturgy, Circuit Des Yeux, Le Parody, Alpha Maid, Plastic Flowers, Hilang Child


Monday, 8th June

Black Rainbows @ The Macbeth (£8)

Black Rainbows - KILLER KILLER FUZZ 

Tuesday, 9th June

Theo Verney, Kagoule, Puppy @ Birthdays (FREE)

Theo Verney - Brain Disease 

Kagoule - Gush 

Puppy - Forever 

Huskies, Glacier Pacific, KYKO @ The Barfly (£6)

Huskies - Sober 

Glacier Pacific - Never Let Me Go 
KYKO - Headlights 

Thunder on the Left, Nightlife, Deux Furieuses @ Upstairs at The Garage (£6)

Nightlife - On The Run 

Deux Furieuses - Are We Sexy Enough? 

Oslo Parks @ The Waiting Room (£7.10)

Oslo Parks - Dress For That 

Table Scraps @ The Shacklewell Arms (FREE)

Table Scraps - Bad Feeling 

The Beach @ Electrowerkz (£6.95)

The Beach - Thieves 

Wednesday, 10th June

Total Babes @ The Old Blue Last (FREE)

Total Babes - Circling 

Hunck @ New Cross Inn (£3)

Hunck - So Far, So Deep 

Katy B @ Kopparberg Urban Forest 2015, 37 – 41 Whitepost Lane (FREE)

Katy B - 5AM 

Of Empires, Sahara @ Underbelly Hoxton (£6.95)

Of Empires - Stranger 

Sahara - Green Light 

Thursday, 11th June

Pile, Total Babes @ The Lexington (£9)

Pile - The Jones 

Vanbot, Mirror Signal @ Kopparberg Urban Forest 2015, 37 – 41 Whitepost Lane (FREE)

Vanbot - Trooper 

Mirror Signal - All Along 

Speelburg @ Electrowerkz (£8)

Speelburg - Lay It Right 

Liturgy, Circuit Des Yeux @ Electrowerkz (£9.90)

Liturgy - Generation 

Circuit Des Yeux - Dream Of TV 

Le Parody, Alpha Maid @ DIG (£4)

Le Parody - Saetas En El Aire 

Alpha Maid - Body Chores 

Plastic Flowers, Hilang Child @ Upstairs at The Garage (£6)

Plastic Flowers - Now She's Gone 

Hilang Child - Thule 

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