Convergence 2015: Noise of Art’s Boom Room with Andrew Weatherall, Mental Overdrive, Eat Lights Become Lights, White Noise Sound, Saycet


Convergence 2015 will soon be upon us, which I wasn’t particularly influenced by, until I heard the track below by saycet, which led me to the night at which Noise of Art will be turning Village Underground into a reverb effects chamber. Now, while other locations listed in the project sound more interesting (breweries, aircraft hangers), a location that’s mostly used for music right now may not be the best example of the feat.

Not that it isn’t interesting. It reminded me of the David Byrne project at the Roundhouse a few years ago, which went further than this in letting the guests pull the strings on the effects chamber that was created.

In any case, I’m sure this will be a great night for the music alone, so it’s worth checking out.

Saycet - Volcano
Eat Lights, Become Lights 
White Noise Sound - Red Light
Mental Overdrive - Trollhunter 

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