Review: Two Gallants, Islington Assembly Hall – 25th Feb 2015



It’s been five or six years since I last saw Two Gallants, and we’ve both changed a lot since then. Here in the small but friendly venue of Islington Assembly Hall, it feels like they’re bringing their music more directly to us than before. Although, back then they did have the popularity of the hugely catchy Despite What You’ve Been Told behind them. They got this one over a done with early in the first couple of songs of the set.

The venue seemed to let them down during the first song, it took about a song for the sound to start filling the space, but very soon that stopped being an issue and, after getting their old hit behind them, they took their audience on a great journey.

What I learned from the evening is that, even if they’re playing smaller venues these days, Two Gallants continue to deliver great shows and have what seem to be a very loyal fanbase – I didn’t see one person who wasn’t singing along with each song on the set.

Two Gallants – Incidental (Live for KQED)


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