London Under a Tenner: Kruger, Monomyth, Ohhms, Jay Brown, thevillainandi, MayBug, Simian Ghost, The Pop Group, Plastic Mermaids, Suns, Seafoal, Blooms, Summer Ghost, Jape, Krill, Moats, Landshapes, N-A-I-V-E-S, Birdy Hunt, Antimatter People, Keroscene, Esben and the Witch, Spring King, Farao, Maya Vik, Sea Change, More Than Conquerors, Wax Witches, Pennycress, Vertical Slump, herbert powell


Another week, and the gig schedule is getting busier and busier as the weather gets warmer and the evenings get longer. This week, we have Krill playing The Old Blue Last, Jape playing Electrowerkz and and Jay Brown playing The Waiting Room.

Even more listed below, as before, all of these shows are both under £10, and still for sale when posted!


Monday, 23rd Feb

Kruger, Monomyth, Ohhms @ The Macbeth (£5 – Tickets)

KRUGER - Adam And Steve 
Monomyth - Faces Magazine 
Ohhms - Bad Seeds 

Jay Brown, thevillainandi, MayBug @ The Waiting Room (£7 – Tickets)

Jay Brown - Green 
thevillainandi - I Surrender 
Maybug - Slipping Gears 

Simian Ghost @ The Finsbury (FREE – Tickets)

Simian Ghost - Echoes Of Songs (For Trish Keenan) 

The Pop Group @ Rough Trade East (FREE)

The Pop Group - Citizen Zombie 

Tuesday, 24th Feb

Plastic Mermaids @ The Lexington (£7.15 – Tickets)

Plastic Mermaids - Playing In Your Mind 

Suns @ Sebright Arms (£6 – Tickets)

SUNS - Temple Boy 

Seafoal @ Surya (£7.25 – Tickets)

SEAFOAL - Read It And Weep 

Wednesday, 25th Feb

Blooms, Summer Ghost @ Servant Jazz Quarters (£7.25 – Tickets)

Blooms - Guilty (Prod. Kobina) 
Summer Ghost - Milk 

Jape @ Elextrowerkz (£7.15 – Tickets)

Jape - Seance Of Light 

Krill @ The Old Blue Last (£8.50 – Tickets)

Krill - Brain Problem 

Thursday, 26th Feb

Moats @ Power Lunches Arts Cafe (£9.25 – Tickets)

Moats - Brace 

Landshapes @ Total Refreshment Centre (£7.15 – Tickets)

Landshapes - Moongee 

N-A-I-V-E-S, Birdy Hunt, Antimatter People @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (£7 – Tickets)

Birdy Hunt - Maria 
Antimatter People - No Need To Be So Small 

Colour Of Bone, Bones, London @ The Finsbury (FREE – Tickets)

Colour of Bone - The Superstitious Twist 
Bones - Electric 

Keroscene, Esben and the Witch @ Unit 4 (£5 – More Info)

Keroscene - Cotton Candy 
Esben And The Witch - Dig Your Fingers In 

Spring King, Farao, Maya Vik @ The Lexington (£8.75 – Tickets)

Spring King - Can I? 
Farao - The Hours 
Maya Vik - Dynamite 

Friday, 27th Feb

Sea Change @ Sebright Arms (£7.50 – Tickets)

Sea Change - Above 

More Than Conquerors @ The Garage (£4 – Tickets)

More Than Conquerors - Oh My Son! 

Saturday, 28th Feb

Pennycress @ Power Lunches Arts Cafe (£5 – More Info)

Pennycress - F-Fit 

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