Oct 6-10: London Gigs Under a Tenner – Einar Stray Orchestra, Casual Sex, Temple Songs, Zola Blood, Cowbell

Monday, October 6th: Einar Stray Orchestra @ The Islington (£.8.25 – Tickets)

Einer Stray received critical acclaim a few years back with his debut album, Chiaroscuro, and now is back with his orchestra for the album Politricks. Arcade Fire comparisons are inevitable with this title track, but more than worth a listen and the price of a ticket if you’re around Angel tonight.

Einar Stray Orchestra

Tuesday, October 7th: Casual Sex @ The Sebright Arms (£7.10 – Tickets)

These Glaswegians are following up last years “The Bastard Beat” EP with their new single A Perfect Storm, which is released today.

Casual Sex – A Perfect Storm

Wednesday, October 8th: Temple Songs @ Shapes (£6.60 – Tickets)

Some pscyh-rock(/pop?) from these Manchurians on a Wednesday?

Temple Songs – Passed Caring

Thursday, October 9th: Zola Blood @ The Shacklewell Arms (FREE – Tickets)

This is a bit of a cheat listing in that the (free) tickets for this seem to be all gone. Though it might be worth a venture, as it’s their first ever live show and I’m having flashbacks to Jungle’s rise of last year. Check out their second single, Meridian.

Zola Blood – Meridian

Friday, October 10th: Cowbell, The Severed Limb @ The Lexington (£8.80 – Tickets)

Cowbell’s new album, Skeleton Soul, came out in August – have a listen to Cry Wolf.

Cowbell – Cry Wolf

The Severed Limb – Southend Express


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