15-19 Sept – London Gigs Under a Tenner: Allah-Las, The Burning Hell, Deadflowers, Duologue, Bite the Buffalo, //NIGHTS//, Fossa, Natural Child

Here’s my choice of the best, low pocket impact, gigs that are on around London in the coming week. As of writing, there are tickets still available prices include all the booking fees, postage, blah, bleaurgh…

Monday, 15th Sept: Allah-Las @ Rough Trade East (FREE)

Allah-Las – 501/415

Tuesday, 16th Sept: The Burning Hell, Deadflowers @ The Lexington (Tickets – £9.90)

The Burning Hell – AMATEUR RAPPERS

Dead Flowers – Make It Bright (Single)

Wednesday, 17th Sept: Duologue @ Oslo Hackey (Tickets – £9.75)

Duologue – Drag & Drop

Thursday, 18th Sept: Bite the Buffalo, //NIGHTS//, Fossa @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (Tickets – £6.25)

Bite the Buffalo – Dusty Cage

// NIGHTS // – Hey Love Hello

Fossa – Five Days

Friday, 19th Sept: Natural Child @ The Shacklewell Arms (Tickets – £7)

Natural Child – Firewater Liquor


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