Mixaroo feat: The Shoe, Morningsiders, Beaty Heart, Rainbow Chan and others

It can’t all be about who’s playing now,  can it? So I’ve started over on what once was a week event for me: mixtapes.

  1. The Shoe –  Papercup: One half of this duo, Lem Jay Ignacio will always be in the shade of the other half and actress Jena Malone, but maybe that’s OK. Taken from their recently released albumThe Shoe is a good start to any mix.
  2. Morningsiders  – Empress: First single from these guys from New York. It’s nice to hear a New York band that can take the folk feeling but keep that american indie nature to create something a bit more progressive.
  3. Beaty Heart  – Get The Gurls: Also from their recently released album, which can be heard in full here. Beaty Heart are less independently famous though, and from Peckham. On the upside, they’re touring the US with stellar group of the year, Jungle.
  4. Rainbow Chan – Fruit: Taken from her Long Vacation EP, some casio-esque (or maybe casio-true) electronic music.
  5. Samantha Crain – Santa Fe: Taken from her 2010 album You (Understood) but coming around now because she’s about to tour the UK, including a night at The Lexington in London on the 29th July.
  6. White Reaper – Cool: Snapping us back into focus with some raw garage punk. White Reaper’s eponymous EP will come out on June 24th.
  7. Owl & Mouse – Don’t Read The Classics: …and back down to some raw, London based, ukelele sounds. Owl & Mouse are set to release their 2nd EP Somewhere to go on June 23rd.
  8. Linus Young – Sister: With nothing of note than being a nice song, and their last one also being quite good.
  9. Doprah – Love That I Need: Their EP came out on 10th June, and their synth-pop is just what you need to ease you into the summer.
  10. Novo Amor – Holland: How else to finish an mix than with something to ease you back into the real world? Novo Amor released an EP called Woodgate, NY in March. You’re probably wondering why I’m not mentioning the obvious comparisons here, but I think you can do that yourself.

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