London Gigs Under a Tenner: Phoria, Hockeysmith, The Night VI, The Proper Ornaments, Seekae.

Monday, 16th June: Phoria @ St. Pancras Old Church, £7.70 (Tickets)

Brighton ambience-makers, Phoria, made a big stir around the blogs last year with the release of their Bloodworks EP. With their 2nd EP, Display, out today, they’re making ripples once again. I’ve included “Emanate” from the new EP in the playlist up top.

Tuesday, 17th June: Hockeysmith @ Corsica Studios, £6 (Tickets)

This is the second time this year to make the Gigs Under a Tenner list, having played The Waiting Room in March, we should probably count ourselves lucky at this second chance of affordability. Their EP, But Blood  came out on May 26th.

Wednesday, 18th June: The Night VI @ Oslo Hackney, £8.25 (Tickets)

Recently released “Wonderlust” will be launched as a single this Wednesday in Oslo, Hackney. Have a listen to their last releases “Sienna” when you’re finished here.

Thursday, 19th June:

  • The Proper Ornaments @ The Lexington, £7.15 (Tickets)

London’s “The Proper Ornaments” have released their debut album in the UK (released June 9th) and are about to release it in the US on July 8th. I should alo mention, as all others have, that they share a band member with Veronica Falls. Magazine, listed above, is from that album.

  • Seekae @ Oslo Hackney, £8.50 (Tickets)

Seekae are an Autralian trio who’ve been making their downbeat electronica for some time. Their new album “The Worry” is out 12th September and the playlist above features the recently released “Test & Recognise” single from that album.


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