Candy Says: New Album, and Gig Under a Tenner Cancellation of the week

There are always a lot of gigs in London, and I think that for that reason you need to be picky. Sometimes I don’t come up with anything to report on, which is somewhat of a failure for something that’s meant to be a weekly feature…

So this week seemed momentarily like I was getting away with a single gig recommendation, until a little further investigation showed that the show had been cancelled!

But let’s talk a little about it anyway, hit play on Not Kings, the opener and title track of their album, released earlier today.

Candy Says are self described “lo-fi pop chic” from Oxford. A series of successes have led them to this point, which include a series of  “Garage Recordings” EPs and a number of singles.

It’s unfortunate that they’ve had to cancel their show in The Waiting Room this evening, but it has been rearranged for 11th September.

As mentioned, their album was released today (May 28th) and is available from Bandcamp, as well as their back catalogue. Before you head that way, have a listen to the closing track on the album, Camilla.


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