19TH – 23RD MAY: GIGS UNDER A TENNER – Thumpers, Wild Smiles, Big Ups, Naomi Pilgrim, White Lung, La Sera

The weekly roundup of gigs under a tenner that won’t disappoint!


Monday, 19th May: Thumpers @ Rough Trade East (FREE)

Thumpers – Unkinder

Tuesday, 20th May: Wild Smiles, Port Isla @ Madame JoJo’s – £7 (Tickets)

Wild Smiles – Fool For You

Port Isla – Next In Line

Wednesday, 21st May: Big Ups @ Sebright Arms – £9 (Tickets)


Thursday, 22nd May:

  • Naomi Pilgrim, Pandreas, Sekuoia @ The Lexington – £7.50 (Tickets)

Naomi Pilgrim – House of Dreams

Pandreas – Rube

Sekuoia – Something We Lost

  • White Lung, Autobahn, Claw Marks @ 100 Club – £6.60 (Tickets)

White Lung – Snake Jaw

Autobahn – Force Fed

Claw Marks – Bone Dance 

Friday, 23rd May: La Sera @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen – £9.25 (Tickets)

La Sera – Running Wild


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