Free Saturday: Sophie Jamieson, Eliza Shaddad, Bird Radio and Abbey Bowden @ The Redchurch Brewery

Sophie Jamieson[1]

Easy Saturdays can be hard to achieve but, luckily, the Redchurch Brewery is helping out with its monthly Electric Brews live show. This month marks the 8th of the free shows and lined up to play are:

Sophie Jamieson

Recently beefed up to a quartet band with the addition of ex-Fanfarlo drummer, Amos Memon, Sophie Jamieson is building on top of the attention she’s been getting over the last year. People who have seen her in the past should be interested in how she’s progressed her live shows in the meantime.


Eliza Shaddad

A lovely new discovery for me, Eliza Shaddad is building up to the release of her debut EP, Waters, which is due out on June 16th.

You For Me

Bird Radio

“flute toting and bass drum beating” may be all you need to know here, it’s certainly the most apt description (from the Evening Standard) that I can quickly glean…

Abbey Bowden

Abbey Bowden made some waves at the beginning of the year with the lovely track Still. Worth an early listen.



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