The Weekend That was: 7th – 10th February

I’ve had a busy weekend – my brothers were visiting and it’s all of our birthdays in quick succession, so I’ve not been doing very much work. But, here’s my catch-up of the long weekend’s doings (except, we won’t talk about Lily Allen):

1) Angel Olsen released White Fire

This sleepy track from her upcoming album, also available for preview in a few locations, appeared and people have flocked to it.

Sources: Gorilla vs. Bear, Consequence of Sound, Stereogum, My Old Kentucky Blog, Pretty Much Amazing, Hilly Dilly

2) Todd Terje released Delorean Dynamite

When an album cover has a lovable depiction of the artist in cartoon form, how can you resist a listen?

Sources: La.Ga.Sta, Brooklyn Vegan, Golden Scissors, Consequence of Sound

3) People love talking about Kanye West

Whether it’s to dig up an age old mixtape, to point out that The College Dropout was released 10 years ago, or that these trainers are now even more pricey.

4) The Winter Olympics have started, let the (musical) protests begin.

This one, called Russian Kiss, comes from Annie. Don’t watch at work or with your parents.

Sources: Brooklyn Vegan, Stereogum, Pretty Much Amazing

5) Lorde covered James Blake’s Retrograde

I can’t figure out how to embed this, so here’s the link or you can follow one of the sources below!

Sources: Consequence of Sound, Pretty Much Amazing, Stereogum

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