10 – 16 Feb: Gigs Under a Tenner – Temples, Simian Ghost, Pawws, Whales in Cubicles, Ego Ella May

Press play and read the highlights of this week’s cheap gigs.

10th February

Temples @ Rough Trade East (free with album)

Free show when you buy the album at Rough Trade East. Given the popularity and anticipation of their album “Sun Structures”, also released today, this may already be oversubscribed. Listen to it on NPR and make the choice whether to make the trip. If you’ve already got a wristband, well done you.

Simian Ghost @ The Old Blue Last (free with booking)

Swede-pop lovers should make their way from the Temples show back up the road to The Old Blue Last, either to have a well deserved pint for getting in, or trying to get in, to see Simian Ghost. The title track from their new album is a touching tribute to Trish Keenan of Broadcast, who died 3 years ago (playing above).

12th February

Pawws & Dive In @ The Lexington (£7.15 – Tickets)

More pop from Pawws makes a great way to pass the mid-week. Nothing to announce, just good music to play, which is nice.

13th February

Whales In Cubicles, Misty Miller, More Than Conquerors & Francobollo @ Hoxton Bar and Kitchen (£8 – Tickets)

Whales in Cubicles launch their album “Death In The Evening” with all the excitement that comes with it!

14th February

Ego Ella May, Femme (£6+fees – Tickets)

Whether you’re up for a full night of 90’s hip-hop or just feel like an easy-going gig to wind down the week. I refuse to make reference to the day that is the 14th, but it’s probably good for that too. Ego Ella May released a new EP last week, which is also worth a listen.


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