The day that was: 4th Feb, 2014 – Beck, The National, The Men, Justin Vernon, Odonis Odonis

1: Beck releases “Waking Light” – the closing track from his upcoming album.

Beck continues building up anticipation for his new album, Morning Phase with the final song from the release. I’ve often thought Beck’s closers could be stronger, and less challenging than they have been in the past – a kind of easing back into reality when listening to an album. This seems to be more along those lines. (video above)

Sources: Consequence of Sound, Stereogum, My Old Kentucky Blog, Pretty Much Amazing

2: The National cover Perfume Genius

I became a big Perfume Genius fan around the same time that my continual following of The National ended, so I appreciate this crossover. The result something that retains the integrity of the original while carrying in the sound of The National. Worth a listen for fans of one that would like to get to know the other.

Sources: My Old Kentucky Blog, Consequence of Sound, Pretty Much Amazing

3: The Men release songs from their “Tomorrow’s Hits” album

This is pretty much my introduction to The Men. I didn’t realise Post Punk meant “Sounds Like The Band”, but I do like it. They’re also playing in March in Village Underground.

The Men – Different Days
The Men – Another Night
Sources: Consequence of Sound [2], Stereogum [2].

4: Justin Vernon covers his own song with The Roots on Fallon.

Apart from the very off-putting autotune, this isn’t bad at all. Not sure how to embed this, so just follow this link to the video.

Sources: Stereogum, Consequence of Sound.

5: Odonis Odonis have a video for New Obsession.

Another new introduction for me. A very good song and a fairly disturbing video. It’s good to get the first air of heavy rock for 2014.


Sources: Stereogum, Bowlegs, Hartzine


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