Flashback Mixaroo: May 2010

Every so often I’m prompted to re-listen to old mixes I’ve made, usually by receiving email about a comment or like. It admittedly distracts me from making new ones, but it’s certainly great to listen again to what I thought was good enough to publish back then. Sometimes there are mixes that I wonder what I was thinking – was I desperate to keep the mix-making going? Thankfully this isn’t one of those. The tracklist is below. I’m not sure why there’s 11 tracks in this mix, but there are.

  1. When We Fall In – Sean Hayes
  2. Eye of the Tiger  – The Rural Alberta Advantage
  3. To Binge – Gorillaz feat. Little Dragon
  4. Islands is the limit (he notorious b.i.g. vs. the xx) – Wait What
  5. Alpha Shallows  – Laura Marling
  6. Asylum – Not Squares
  7. Afraid of Everyone – The National
  8. Next Girl – The Black Keys
  9. Fresh Hex (feat. Beck) – Tobacco
  10. Neckbrace – Ratatat
  11. Sole Brother – Born Ruffians

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