London Gigs – 3rd March

FrYars @ Hoxton Hall

7PM | £9adv | To book tickets please call 0844 576 5483

“FrYars is Ben Garrett, a 19 year old Londoner with a shed-load of talent and the vision and ambition to match. A haunting singer and inspired songwriter, frYars music sets him miles apart from the teen-indie masses and their mundane social commentary. His debut release, ‘The Ides EP’, announces the arrival of a unique artist, with more – beautifully realised – ideas across its four tracks than most acts manage in an entire career.”

Piney Gir and The Age of Reason | The Monroe Transfer | Cartridge @ The Macbeth
£5 |


When Piney Gir turns her busy hands to music it’s a bit like a great new boutique just opened downtown. Genres are dusted off like fabulous half forgotten dresses, there is a flurry of accessorizing and eventually a beautiful girl steps out of the changing room.

But enough with the metaphors. The Yearling is Piney Gir’s third full album, marking the latest move in a fascinating career that’s already spanned jazz, electronic pop and full on country y’all. Angela Penhaligon, for she is Piney, has made perhaps her definitive album, all Kansas plains heartbreak fed through a blend of electronica, folk, wistful pop and knowing jazz. No boundaries, no apologies, all melodies.

Produced with The Age of Reason and an international cast of musicians from gospel choirs in Kansas City to saw players in Tooting, the album is a sumptuous musical ride. Which other writer could combine delicate heartbreak sci-fi folk (The Weeping Machine), with straight to the bop pop (Say I’m Sorry), whilst plying her way with a campfire narrative (Miss Havisham) and all of it dipped in the gal’s never less than pin-sharp eye for a great story about the wanderings of the heart.

Quite a cocktail, … this is Piney’s most dazzling record yet… the yearning of her country record, a dose of the heartbreak-on-the-road (who knows?!) with cutting edge production that takes its nods from everything between German electronica and warm 70s FM radio. The Yearling. It’ll stay with you all year.


The Monroe Transfer are a 7-piece group, making beautifully detailed and passionately executed instrumental music on a variety of instruments. Forthcoming releases include a unique CD & DVD double-pack of ‘I Dreamt I Was A Hammer And Everything Was Glass’, featuring animated film by Gemma Burditt to be released on Organ Grinder Records.

The Monroe Transfer also provide the soundtrack to upcoming film Pandora’s Box.

“At their most beautiful they’re able to lightly brush the places that so few other instrumental acts can…it’s exciting when a band that features not a single singer is able to take you away to someplace other than the here and now on fabulous waves of orchestral sound. The Monroe Transfer, at their most beautiful, are that band.” – Drowned in Sound

“the Monroe Transfer play music that sounds like it’s beamed out of an ancient Dansette – all keening strings and otherworldly orchestra flourishes” – Time Out


cArtridge is a London-based band fronted by a male/female duo. Formed as an attempt to create atonal pop music whilst at Goldsmiths, the band released their first album ‘Cases’ to rave reviews in 2006. The album made it to ‘album of the month’ in the renowned Organ fanzine and was picked up by Radio 1, BBC Newcastle, Resonance FM and Pulserated among others. Their track ‘Fooling Around’ was chosen by Rob Da Bank for the Radio 1 Best of Unsigned Podcast and featured in the top half of last year’s Dandelion Radio Peel Festive Fifty.

cArtridge has appeared at festivals in England and abroad and played venues such as Luminaire, Barfly, Spitz, 93 Feet East and Bush Hall. Recently the band recorded new tracks for a Dandelion Radio session and they are now working on a new album to be released in 2009.

Screaming Tea Party | LR Rockets | King of Conspiracy @ Buffalo bar

£6 / 8:30pm


FREE – THE INVISIBLE @ Rough Trade East 7.00 p


pre-order ‘the invisible’ here

“a zingy, urgent and warmly soulful, genre-hopping delight that recalls a more minimal TV On The Radio” Time Out

With their eponymous debut album The Invisible have woven together strands of diverse sounds to create a fresh and new musical elixir. Their music is a unique strain of danceable, multi-layered genre-spanning spacepop imbued with ethereal yet gutsy vocals- something alien but simultaneously completely familiar.

Production on the album is handled by Matthew Herbert. The Invisible are the first group that the celebrated electronic pioneer has been inspired to work with in this way. Herbert’s influence can be heard in the balancing of electronic elements with more natural, organic sounds, matching his studio expertise with the band’s live sound. Another vital element within the creative dynamic is the presence of phenomenal UK-based singer Eska, whose contribution adds significantly to the mood and texture of the music.


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